An Introduction to Lanyards

Lanyards are cords that are usually worn around the neck, wrist, or sometimes used to carry things. They are usually worn to prevent your things from getting lost or to make them more visible to others. Today, they are not only part of a trend; they’ve also become a profitable industry for many people.

People started using them way back in the 15th century in France where they are described as a strap apparatus. As the years passed, they were eventually used by the French military forces to connect their pistols to their military uniforms. Polyester LanyardsAlso, they were used by the naval officers to keep things in place. As they get more popular, they also served as a decorative item for many. Today, many are still using them for different purposes.

With its versatility, lanyards are known to have many applications, and they seem to be limitless as long as you can imagine the ways on how to use them.

If you’re struggling to come up with your own ideas, these should help you get started:

1. They are used to hold identification cards and badges

These laces are commonly used by schools, offices, and other public establishments where security is important. They are used to hold IDs and other means of identification. Also, they are used in social gatherings, like conventions, as a commemorative item. They can also be used to hold personal items like keys and books.

2. They are used as a uniform accessory

Some groups, like the military, use a lanyard as part of their uniform.

3.  They are used for safety

There are kinds of lanyard that are special since they’re so durable that they are able to support a person’s full body weight. Well, these cords are usually utilized by construction and utility workers.

4.  They are used for recreational activities

Activities, like camping and hiking, use a lanyard for added security. They can be also used to hold your things, like water bottles, while doing your activity.

5. They are also used as a gadget accessory

Gadgets like phones, MP3 players, and USB flash drives use these cords to keep them from dropping.

Lanyards are can be made out of different materials such as polyester, silk, nylon, satin, and leather. Their designs can also be made by using different media. The designs are can be woven, silk screen printed, stamped, or dye sublimated.

A woven lanyard benefits from the stitching styles of embroidery. This type is commonly used to give the lace a professional look. A silk screen printed lanyard uses the same principle applied in making screen printed t-shirts. It creates fine and detailed designs. A stamped lanyard can be engraved or embossed. This is usually done for metal tag laces. Lastly, a dye-sublimated lanyard comes with multicolored laces, making them ideal for those with fashion in mind.Custom lanyards

Aside from inks and paints being added to lanyards, other embellishments can also be included. There are attachments, such as hooks and rings, used as clips; these serve as the point where your things will be attached. Beads can also be added to these laces for them to be more attractive.

If you manage to learn how to make these accessories, you will get the chance to earn money. Most people saw this as a profitable craft since they are trendy, and at the same time, very versatile.
Lanyards are indeed among the multifunctional items that anyone can use in any way that can be thought of. As mentioned, they are also a great way to show off that entrepreneurial side of yours.