The Importance of Golf Grips

Golf GripGolf is a very enjoyable sport that anyone can play. Even two year olds would have fun swinging those golf clubs and chasing golf balls around the field. Of course, you need to keep an eye on them to prevent accidents. After all, these precious Tasmanian devils could be pretty handful. Anyway, golf can be an engaging hobby but it can also be a serious sport. If you’re playing to win, then you’d better make sure that you have all the things you need, and that includes golf grips!

If you think that you can just ignore your golf club grip, then you are terribly mistaken. The grip is fundamental. It is commonly said that a good game of golf begins with a good grip. However, many golfers forget or ignore this fact and would continue to use defective grips which would ultimately give them bad results.

A good golf grip gives you more control in your swings and shots –

The golf grip is your only connection to the club and your hands should not slip while taking a shot. Both hands should supply the necessary pressure to control the club properly. One hand’s last three fingers and the other’s ring and middle fingers should supply this primary grip pressure.

As mentioned before, both your hands should work together to get an accurate shot. Overlapping and interlocking grips are commonly used by golfers to control their swing speed and hit balls at a square angle. It is recommended that you keep both hands and their fingers as close together as possible. It is important that you also maintain a comfortable grip while doing this. Many golfers grip their clubs too tightly and end up ruining their shots. You should be careful not to repeat this mistake. Gripping too tightly builds unnecessary tension to your forearms and shoulders. This makes your swings unnatural. Lightening your grip to a much more comfortable level will give you a free-flowing full swing. It gives you the maximum speed and power you will need in many of your shots.

You can also control your ball flights with your grips –

You can even curve balls much like you do in baseball. It is a useful skill to use to prevent hitting obstacles or to reach holes that bend to a certain direction,such as the dogleg hole found (and often enjoyed) in many golf courses.

Your golf grip could also relieve your troubles in slicing. Giving your grip slight adjustments could better your swings significantly. You may be hooking the ball too much or slicing the ball from left to right. A lot of golfers encounter these kinds of problems. You can correct this or at the least you can have more control by adjusting the Vs on your grip. Either use a weaker grip for your hooking problem or a stronger grip for your slicing troubles. This will get your shots under control and straighten your ball flights.

There is no doubt that golf grips are important. So you should take the time to choose the right grips for your club. There are many grip materials you could choose from. Rubber and thermoplastics are the ones commonly used by many golfers. They are also constantly being improved to fit every player’s needs. You should choose the perfect fit for you. Also, don’t forget that the size of the grip is also important.

Golf Grips

You can install the grip with the help of golf retailers or shops around your area. Guides are also available if you want to regrip it yourself. As a rule of thumb, golf clubs should be regripped once a year whether you use them regularly or not. Golf grips degrade over time due to heat and dirt. These usually need replacement after one year of use.

Sometimes, you even have to regrip clubs less than a year depending on how you used it. In order for golfers not to forget their yearly regripping, they make it a habit to regrip their golf clubs every spring when golfing season usually begins.

Aside from all that, you also keep your grips clean –

To ensure that your swings remain accurate and comfortable, you should make sure that your grips are always in good condition. You can do this by cleaning your grips regularly. Cleaning grips will also make you aware of major problems in your grip. In cases there are rips or air bubbles, you need to regrip your clubs instead of just cleaning it.

Safe equipment should be used to prevent damage in your grips. You only need four things when cleaning your golf grip. You need water, dish cloths, bucket, and a degreaser liquid dish soap. After gathering the materials, get your golf club and follow these easy steps:

1.Warm water and fill your bucket with it.

2.Place two teaspoon of liquid soap into the water.

3.Dip one of your dish cloths and wring it out.

4.Wrap the cloth around the entire grip of your club.

5.Wipe up and down the golf grip.

6.Repeat steps 3 to 5 until the grip is clean.

7.Finally, use the other dish cloth to wipe your club grip dry.

You should never underestimate the power of good golf grips. Having good grips would definitely improve your game, making each round much more fun. With these tips, you are a step closer to getting consistent wins!